Experienced Tutor

Hi, I’m Edyta, the founder of Derivatives Lab. I’m a consultant, negotiator, derivatives lawyer by trade, an avid reader and traveller. In my over a decade long career in the financial services industry, I had a privilege to work with and learn from what I consider some of the brightest minds in the derivatives documentation industry. I worked in different corporate environments, from always windy Canary Wharf to the glamorous London City. I lived through some exciting corporate deals, multi-billion-dollar fund launches, countless ISDA negotiations, dazzling networking events and long nights in the office. Now, I’m sharing my know-how with you, because I believe that education is the most fundamental and powerful tool we can equip ourselves with in today’s world.

Unique Knowledge

Derivatives Lab is a platform where I share my unique insight and knowledge acquired through years of working in the financial services industry, both on the sell-side and the buy-side. By joining the Derivatives Lab you gain access to a wealth of know-how, tips and hacks for how to negotiate derivatives documentation and step-by-step, real and tested strategies to excel in your career in this industry.

Empowering Community

There is nothing more powerful than a sense of belonging. Imagine being part of a group of like-minded people, who understand the challenges and struggles of your day-to-day work, where you’re able to share your passions and ideas, and where you’re supported in your journey to success every step of the way. The Derivatives Lab is more than just an educational platform, it’s your arena, where your voice matters and vulnerability is an asset.